FBI: We’ve Been Visited By ‘Beings From Another Dimension’

Sollte es stimmen ,wäre das der Hammer ,aber schaut es euch selber AN!!Das FBI veröffentlichte auf ihrer Webseite ein Dokument das bestätigt daß die Erde von „Wesen aus anderen Dimensionen“ besucht wurde.

Laut dem Dokument des FBI´s wurden wurde die Erde von Außerirdischen und von Wesen anderer Planeten besucht !
Das Dokument des FBI kann hier ,eingesehen werden HIER

Ancient Aliens: Who is Erich Von Daniken? famous for “Chariots of the Gods”

Who is Erich Von Daniken?

Erich Von Daniken is the open minded visionary who spear headed the ancient astronaut hypothesis. Back in the 1970’s he was famous for his controversial book ‚Chariots of the Gods‘ where he coined the idea that ancient aliens visited mankind in the distant past.

He then took the idea further by researching many ancient scriptures from various global biblical texts exploring the old concepts but from a modern, even scientific viewpoint.

A good example of this would be how he translated the scenario of ancient visitations where beings materialise on a cloud of smoke to the sound of thunder, Erich stopped and thought to himself surely that’s a rocket? But back then no-one had the words for a rocket!

Even in school Erich found himself questioning his religious education teacher and challenging the very fabric of the way society were translating the writings of the Bible and other religious texts.

Video: 82 knwon Alien species are in contact with Earth claim experts

According to experts around the world, there are 82-known alien species which are currently in contact with our planet. Evidence—such as declassified documents, images and videos—seem to indicate that there are some things ‘out there’ that cannot be explained rationally.

Today, when searching for ‘evidence’ related to extraterrestrial life we come from three main sources:

The first source are the alleged alien abductees and contactees, and those who have witnessed the UFO phenomenon first-handed. The second source for information comes from whistleblowers, including former military personnel, government officials, and scientists. The third source are the countless top-secret and above top secret documents which have been declassified by numerous governments around the globe.

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Apollo Astronaut Says Peace Loving Aliens Prevented a Nuclear War Between United States and Soviet Union

Dr Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon, makes claims that aliens did visit the Earth iin the 1940s, to aid in establishing peace between the United States and Russia.They go by many titles: some call them grey people, some extraterrestrials, but the term ‘alien’ is most popular. With that said, there are many theories related to them; one being that Extraterrestrials were responsible for stopping the nuclear war between the United States and the Soviet Union. This was said by none other than one of the former NASA astronauts.

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Juncker spricht im EU-Parlament von „Führern anderer Planeten“ die uns beobachten

Juni 2016: Das wollte EU-Kommissionspräsident Jean-Claude Juncker bestimmt nicht öffentlich sagen, oder doch? In einer Rede im Parlament sprach der Luxemburger von „Führern anderer Planeten“ und das laut und deutlich!! In der offiziellen Übersetzung fehlt diese Passage allerdings!!

Sie müssen wissen, dass jene, die uns von Weitem beobachten, beunruhigt sind. Ich habe gesehen und gehört, dass Führer anderer Planeten beunruhigt sind, weil sie sich dafür interessieren, welchen Weg die Europäische Union künftig einschlagen wird. Und deshalb sollten wir die Europäer und jene, die uns von außen beobachten, beruhigen.“

So der originale Wortlaut. Im offiziellen Übersetzung der Rede fehlte aber genau diese entscheidende Stelle, an der der „Regierungschef“ Europas von den „Führern anderer Planeten“ redet