Ancient Aliens: Who is Erich Von Daniken? famous for “Chariots of the Gods”

Who is Erich Von Daniken?

Erich Von Daniken is the open minded visionary who spear headed the ancient astronaut hypothesis. Back in the 1970’s he was famous for his controversial book ‚Chariots of the Gods‘ where he coined the idea that ancient aliens visited mankind in the distant past.

He then took the idea further by researching many ancient scriptures from various global biblical texts exploring the old concepts but from a modern, even scientific viewpoint.

A good example of this would be how he translated the scenario of ancient visitations where beings materialise on a cloud of smoke to the sound of thunder, Erich stopped and thought to himself surely that’s a rocket? But back then no-one had the words for a rocket!

Even in school Erich found himself questioning his religious education teacher and challenging the very fabric of the way society were translating the writings of the Bible and other religious texts.